My questions and process allow for generative and exciting solutions.
Each of us has a role to play as an individual, in business and as a member of society and family.
 If in sync with our goals, we can live life with assurance.
 We can generate a positive influence in the world with dignity, compassion and enthusiasm.
 We must dare to dream big in all areas of life and enjoy life to its fullest.
 My questions and process allow for generative and exciting solutions.
      Using a collaborative approach for all endeavors, I: 
* Focus on empowerment and and goals for current and new endeavors.
* Help clients create new levels of accomplishment in current and new endeavors.
* Encourage different and new     perspectives
* Offer witty and fun ways to discover and develop new endeavors in life
* Facilitate non-adversarial discussions that lead to conflict resolution
* Think and live outside the box
* Listen compassionately 
e_Pamela_Headshots0004.jpg 2016-1-12-11:

"You have some amazing gifts - you make it fun and follow my thoughts...very have an innate ability to go deep."

client - Boston, MA

"Your coaching got me there! ....Pamela helped me manifest a residency. We created an action plan that allowed me to go to a new location and to develop my art unencumbered..I'd been dreaming about this for

30 yrs!"

client -Bozeman, MT


" Pamela is a natural. Her focus, concern, humor and insights were incredibly helpful in allowing me to discover the directions in which I wanted to go with my writing. "

client- Williamstown,MA


 I draw on my broad experience in business, community affairs engagement, extensive study and travel

Business Manager of Touring Company / NCDRC Certified Superior Court Mediator/ Duke University AB  / Anti-trafficking work in USA and Nepal / Advocate for Children During Divorce Conflicts / Refugee Resettlement / Tutor and Mentor / LGBTQ Advocate / Reiki Master level 3 


I have lived and travelled for extended periods in UK and India, Europe, Mexico, USA.

Married for 36 years, I have two adults daughters.