In our sessions, you will find that I

* draw on my broad experience reference from my Engagement in Community Affairs, extensive study and travel

* listen compassionately and

appreciate different perspectives

* Focus on empowerment and fresh perspectives and goals

* Offer witty and fun ways to discover and develop new endeavors in life

* Facilitate non-adversarial discussions that lead to conflict resolution

* Think and live outside the box


"You have some amazing gifts - you make it fun and follow my thoughts...very have an innate ability to go deep."

client - Boston, MA

"Your coaching got me there! ....Pamela helped me manifest a residency. We created an action plan that allowed me to go to a new location and to develop my art unencumbered..I'd been dreaming about this for

30 yrs!"

client -Bozeman, MT


" Pamela is a natural. Her focus, concern, humor and insights were incredibly helpful in allowing me to discover the directions in which I wanted to go with my writing. "

client- Williamstown,MA

*International Coaching Federation ACC certified
*NCDRC Certified Superior Court Mediator
*Community Relations Dispute Settlement Program-City of Charlotte - Mediator
*Coachville - Center For Coaching Mastery Level I
*REIKI Master Level 3
*Duke University AB
Each of us has a role to play as an individual and as a member of society and family.
 If in sync with our goals, we can live life with assurance.
 We can generate a positive influence in the world with dignity, compassion and enthusiasm.
 We must dare to dream big in all areas of life and enjoy life to its fullest.
 Using a collaborative approach, I focus on individual empowerment and help clients create new levels   of accomplishment in current and new endeavors.
 My questions and process allow for generative and exciting solutions.

Dispute Mediator / Anti-trafficking work in USA and Nepal / Advocate for Children During Divorce Conflicts / Refugee Resettlement / Tutor and Mentor High School Students  / LGBTQ Advocate / Business Manager of Touring Company


I have lived and travelled for extended periods in UK and India, Europe, Mexico, USA.

Married for 36 years, I have two adults daughters.


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