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Beaufort Trees - Age in it's glory / Comfort while caregiving

Aging a phenomenon, so different when thinking of trees rather than humans. Walking through the town of Beaufort, under 300 year old oak trees I feel their beauty and majesty, their strength. I pause wanting to appreciate, remember and record. The size is grand. No two are alike, even when same species, and yet they are all trees with own special attributes.

The large oaks stand tall, with age their trunks grow thicker. The tress command more space and attention.

They are live sculptures. They are art forms. They can frame a scene. They do make me stop to admire them. I honor by photographing. Others draw or paint. I go back at different times of day, or I am lucky to catch them in the right light at different types of day. A sunset can peak through the many leaves, it can shift the shadows or create a gorgeous silhouette.

In this old southern town, they cool the streets, they create mystery.The mood is enhanced by the Spanish moss that drips from the branches One can walk the

streets under the canopy of leaves. One can stand in solitude. Their trunks are massive.

Old trees and old stately houses together create a scene. In Historic Beaufort, SC has both in abundance. Each one elegant its own way In this case, the spaces between the branches parallel the porch lines of the house in the background.

I visited Beaufort multiple times to check in and care for my aging mother. Walks in the old town, walks by the water kept me sane. The hovering trees consoled me. In my breaks I would sit, holding a cup of tea at my favorite cafe and look at the water through the trees. I tried to absorb the stability. I saw how every moment could be beautiful.

I was constantly thinking about how we treat the elderly. I was constantly aware that age brings dignity.

And why do we revere age in a tree? Shouldn't we do the same for our human elders - the aged?

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