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Hyacinth - Protected while growing.

Updated: Apr 16

I love how this photo, it shows the determination of the hyacinth to thrust upward through the solitary leaf and pine needles.Rather than an obstacle for growth, these pine needles are a protective blanket offering warmth and a shield from the winter weather. I also saw how the pine needles and leaf were a perfectly formed package of protection. With this protection, the flower is able to blossom in its perfect time.

It's a moment when an obstacle is perfect. Sometimes obstacles help pace emergence in a way that is beneficial. I really saw this a a sign of hope, one to remember.

It’s easy to see this in terms of a metaphor for a child developing, of an adult launching a new project, of a relationship that needs tender care. .

I know when I’m struggling to move forward, when I’m tired of getting in my own way, when life happens, I need protection. I am tired of these obstacles. It can be jarring to be confronted by the outside world. If I am struggling, and then confronted with another’s success, accomplishment, ability to put everything together in in presentable and successful package.  I can feel defeated or so tired of frustration and desire. The frustration to “ accomplish” “finish a project” “move on” “breakfree”  is agonzing.

I forget to remember that I’m in a different stage. It takes a lot for a flower to present as beautiful with correct color strong scent. We don't often the hard work people do to to emerge. It's true, my journey is unique. I hear that phrase all time. I know it's true, yet somehow it doesn't always convince. It's nice to be reminded by a flower other than a person. Then I can use the metaphor of the flower blooming at the perfect time. I can remember that we don’t see the bulb collecting nutrients through the season ahead of blooming. The hidden, underground stage of a bulb is so important. In the flower stage it is ready for show, ready to add beauty to its place. It's powerful scent is sweet,

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