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The Past Lurks

I staged this photo in the Deutschis Historiches Museum in Berlin. I asked my husband to stop halfway up the stairs. I wanted to evoke the presence of history, the reminders, we had found everywhere in Berlin, of both WWII atrocities and the cruel world of the Cold War and a divided Berlin.

I.M. Pei designed this museum addition of transparency and light. The museum website describes the design as a correspondence between past and present. I choose to use a black and white filter for this photo to augment the idea of the presence of the lurking dark past. Glass construction is seen throughout Berlin especially in government buildings, illustrating the importance of transparency to the German people.

The staircase was perfect. I asked my husband to halt halfway up the staircase, a moment between two directions. Where the inside and outside were both seen. The past lurks and at the same time there is an airy feeling a present moment that looks forward with optimism. Fo me it inspired creative ideas, a desire to continue to learn about the history.

This view of the outside shows the glass spiral that connects the old and the new parts and floors of the museum. The day for this photo was actually bright , sunny and with patches of a blue sky.

In any moment we have a chance to look backward or forward. To learn from mistakes. To o look forward to the future. To see potential for growth. to feel optimism

. Optiimis, energy and hoe, new construction and multiple cranes everywhere.

After the wall fell, Potsdamer Platz was redeveloped with spectacular modern architecture and once again is a major and important intersection. originally called the Sony center.

It was important to the architect Helmut Jahn that a roof should cover the plaza like an umbrella. The forum was not meant to be sealed, nor should it disconnect users from an outdoor experience.

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