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 Certified Coach & Certified Mediator


are you eager to create self-directed change

  • Focus on your creative skills

  • Adapt to new stages of life 

  • Shift, clarify and prioritize your responsibilities 

  • Establish a successful routine for your art

  • Generate a positive influence in the world 

  • Build new relationships

  • Use your talents and skills to make a difference in community

  • Discover new directions

  • Value self and dreams

  • Focus on empowerment

  • Commit with enthusiasm to new directions

are you caught
disruptive and unexpected change 

  • Address disruptions in daily routine

  • Assume new roles and responsibilities

  • Successfully reprioritize as you adjust 

  • Sort through complex family scenarios  

  • Create constructive communication patterns with siblings & parents & adult children 

  • Make successful decisions concerning loved ones with assurance and trust

  • Navigate eldercare systems 

  • Delegate responsibilities successfully

  • Ease confusion

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