one-on-one conversations
with me

Inspiring creative solutions that help you move forward with clarity, success and joy!


You are changing Direction
in transition



  • design a life that brings joy

  • find dynamic ways to engage with community

  • value yourself and find ways to create your own future

  • commit with enthusiasm to new directions 

  • build new relationships

 You are a Parent
in a new stage of life




  • shift, clarify and prioritize your responsibilities 

  • discover and embrace opportunities for new directions 

  • expand your horizons

  • use your talents to make a difference in community

you are a caretaker for family members


  • successfully juggle your own life with demands of aging parent

  • change patterns of communication with siblings & parents  

  • make successful decisions with assurance and trust

  • navigate eldercare systems

you are  aspiring to reach new goals  


  • manifest a new project

  • establish a successful routine for your art

  • be creative in everything you do

  • generate a positive influence in the world with dignity and enthusiasm

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A common thread through all my work has been my desire to protect integrity, to encourage a pause that allows for reinvigoration and thoughtful solutions, to think outside the box in planning and creating new projects, to resolve conflicts.  

I’m an ongoing volunteer mediator for a city community relations office. I’ve also worked as an advocate for children representing them as guardian ad litem in divorce cases. I’ve edited testimonials for rescued victims of trafficking, and have worked to promote awareness and vigilance for anti-trafficking work.


Extensive travels include living in India and Europe as well as volunteering in a children’s home in Nepal. Business successes include being manager for a touring company, working as public relations spokesperson and actor for TV and Film.


Described as calming, fearless and focused with a sense of humor, I have been married for 36 years and have two adult daughters.


ACC certified coach, NCDRC Certified Superior Court Mediator,  Reiki Master level 3, Graduate of Duke University


Together we can navigate change. 

I will:


  • Challenge you to think and live outside the box                                         

  • Prompt you to imagine different and new perspectives.                                

  • Offer witty and fun ways to discover and develop new endeavors for life.                       

  • Facilitate non-adversarial discussions that lead to conflict resolution. 

Create and become who you want to be

Wake up with enthusiasm 

Manifest a new project or develop your art

Change patterns of communication with others 

Solve intergenerational conflicts 

Adapt and and discover new directions   

Value yourself and your dreams 

Navigate transitions with fluidity

Dare to dream

Focus on empowerment

Using a collaborative approach together we can:

* Focus on empowerment and and goals for current and new endeavors.
* Create new levels of accomplishment in current and new endeavors.

* Find clarity for unique role to play as an individual, in business and as a member of society and family.


"Your coaching got me there! ....Pamela helped me manifest a residency. We created an action plan that allowed me to go to a new location and to develop my art unencumbered..I'd been dreaming about this for 30 yrs!"

client -Bozeman, MT